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Figure 2

From: Integrated network model provides new insights into castration-resistant prostate cancer

Figure 2

Clusters of the stable states and experimental result.

(A) The clusters were obtained by using SAS Proc Fastclus. CAN1 denotes the linear combination of all variables that provides the greatest difference (in terms of a univariate F test) between the class means and Can2 provides the greatest difference between class means while being uncorrelated with Can1. The symbol +++1 indicates the color scale for group 1; similarly for the other three groups. (B) Heatmap cluster for 12,254 stable states over 12 genes. Rows denote stable states and columns indicate gene expression states. Each gene takes only two states: “on” (green) or “off” (red). (C) qRT-PCR showed that the same genes behaved differently in PC3 and DU145 respectively. The asterisks specify the p value ranges: *indicates 0.01 < p value < 0.1,**indicates 0.001 < p value < 0.01, ***indicates p value < 0.001. The error bars depict the standard error of the mean of three replicates.

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