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Figure 5

From: Sulphur Atoms from Methionines Interacting with Aromatic Residues Are Less Prone to Oxidation

Figure 5

Relationships among methionine oxidation, methionine accessibility and methionine participation in S-aromatic motifs.

(A) Box plot of accessibility of oxidized and non-oxidized methionines. (B) Box plot of accessibility of methionines that form and do not form S-aromatic motifs. (CE). Bar plots showing the number of oxidized methionines that participate in S-aromatic motifs (YY), oxidized methionines that do not participate in S-aromatic motifs (YN), non-oxidized methionines involved in S-aromatic motifs (NY) and non-oxidized methionines that do not form S-aromatic motifs (NN). (C) shows the results for all methionines, while (D,E) show the results obtained after excluding buried methionines according to two accessibility criteria (0.05 and 0.20 accessibility). In each case, the number of methionine residues analysed is indicated in the brackets.

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