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Figure 7

From: Differential immunogenicity between HAdV-5 and chimpanzee adenovirus vector ChAdOx1 is independent of fiber and penton RGD loop sequences in mice

Figure 7

Distribution of transgene expression within lymph node and muscle tissue differs after vaccination with HAdV-5 and ChAdOx1.

BALB/c mice were vaccinated intramuscularly with 109 ifu HAdV-5 TIPeGFP, ChAdOx1 TIPeGFP, ChAdOx1 Ad5F+RGD TIPeGFP, or PBS alone. After 24 h, popliteal dLNs and samples of muscle tissue from the site of injection were collected and mounted in OCT compound for cryo-sectioning and immunohistochemistry. LN tissue was stained for localization of GFP (green) and CD11c (red) expression. Co-localisation of GFP and CD11c is shown in yellow. Muscle tissue was stained with DAPI (blue) and for localization of GFP (green) expression. Images (all at magnification 5x) are from one representative individual from each group (n = 3).

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