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Figure 3

From: Differential immunogenicity between HAdV-5 and chimpanzee adenovirus vector ChAdOx1 is independent of fiber and penton RGD loop sequences in mice

Figure 3

HAdV-5 vectors transduce lymph node resident antigen presenting cells more efficiently in vivo than ChAdOx1.

BALB/c mice (3/group) were vaccinated intramuscularly with 109 ifu of HAdV-5 eGFP or ChAdOx1 eGFP. A further two groups vaccinated with HAdV-5 and ChAdOx1 vectors expressing non-fluorescent Ag85A were included as a negative control. At 24 h post vaccination, proximal popliteal draining lymph nodes (dLN) were harvested and expression of GFP was assessed within live cells by flow cytometry. (A) Percentage of all live cells within the dLN expressing eGFP. Co-expression of surface dendritic cell (DC) marker CD11c is also plotted on the y-axis. Data shown from one representative individual in each group and result is representative of three independent experiments. (B) Percentage of GFP+ cells (from A) expressing MHC Class II. (C) Percentage of GFP+ MHC II+ cells (from B) with the phenotype CD11c+B220 (cDCs), CD11c+B220+ (pDCs) and CD11cB220+ (B cells). (D) Total live cells from the same experiment were phenotyped and %GFP expression assessed within each subset. Graphs in B–D show mean and SEM of data from each individual per group.

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