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Figure 7

From: Broadband All-Polymer Phototransistors with Nanostructured Bulk Heterojunction Layers of NIR-Sensing n-Type and Visible Light-Sensing p-Type Polymers

Figure 7

Proposed BHJ nanostructure and working mechanism.

(a) Illustration for the nanostructure proposed for the present P3HT:PEHTPPD-BT layer in the (simplified) OPTR geometry, which features the PEHTPPD-BT nano-domains in the presence of the PEHTPPD-BT chains and small aggregates dispersed in the P3HT matrix. (b) Proposed working mechanism for the present OPTRs with the P3HT:PEHTPPD-BT layers in order to successfully detect both VIS and NIR lights: ‘CS (ES)’, ‘CS (GS)’ and IS (CT)’ denote ‘charge separation from an excited state’ (see ‘A’), ‘charge separation from a ground state’ (see ‘B’) and ‘intermediate state for charge transport’, respectively. Note that the flat energy band structure for the BHJ layer only is displayed here and the unit ‘eV’ is omitted in order to avoid crowding the diagram.

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