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Figure 4

From: Broadband All-Polymer Phototransistors with Nanostructured Bulk Heterojunction Layers of NIR-Sensing n-Type and Visible Light-Sensing p-Type Polymers

Figure 4

Flexible plastic OPTR performances.

(a) Photographs for flexible plastic OPTRs with the P3HT:PEHTPPD-BT layers, which are bended at an angle of ~30° for the measurement of phototransistor performances (note that the green light was roughly illuminated as a guide for the channel part). (b) Output characteristics (upon bending at 30°) for the flexible OPTRs with the P3HT:PEHTPPD-BT layers under illumination with VIS (550 nm) and NIR (1000 nm) lights: IDC stands for the drain current created purely by light without dark current. (c,d) Low-voltage operation (upon bending at 30°) of the optimized flexible plastic OPTRs under illumination with NIR (1000 nm) lights: (c) output curves and (d) repeated on/off modulation.

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