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Figure 1

From: Broadband All-Polymer Phototransistors with Nanostructured Bulk Heterojunction Layers of NIR-Sensing n-Type and Visible Light-Sensing p-Type Polymers

Figure 1

Scheme, optical properties and nanostructures.

(a) Synthesis of PEHTPPD-BT from 2Br-EHTPPD and 2B-BT via Suzuki coupling reaction. (b) Optical absorption spectra of PEHTPPD-BT in solution (o-dichlorobenzene) and thin film (thickness = ca. 200 nm) (see inset photographs). (c) Photoelectron (PE) yield spectrum of the PEHTPPD-BT film coated on glass substrate (inset: flat energy band diagram for PEHTPPD-BT). (d) HRTEM images for the pristine PEHTPPD-BT layer (top) and the pristine P3HT layer (bottom). (e) 2D GIXD images (top) and 1D GIXD profiles (bottom) for the two pristine polymers.

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