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Figure 2

From: Manual control of catalytic reactions: Reactions by an apoenzyme gel and a cofactor gel

Figure 2

Complex formation of the apoHRP/FePor, apoHRP gel/FePor and apoHRP gel/FePor gel.

(a) UV-Vis spectra of apoHRP (blue, 35 μM), FePor (black, 20 μM), the apoHRP/FePor complex (red) and nativeHRP (orange, 38 μM) in 4% DMSO and 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.0). (b) UV-Vis spectra of the apoHRP(1.0) gel (blue), FePor (black, 20 μM) and the apoHRP(1.0) gel/FePor complex (red). (c) Adhesion experiments between functional hydrogels. The apoHRP(1.0) gel adheres to the FePor (1.0) gel, whereas the following combinations do not adhere to each other (the apoHRP(1.0) gel/apoHRP(1.0) gel, the FePor(1.0) gel/FePor(1.0) gel, the apoHRP(1.0) gel/blank gel and the blank gel/FePor(1.0) gel). (d) Picture of the apoHRP (1.0) gel/FePor (1.0) gel assembly lifted via tweezers. (e) Schematic illustration of adhesion between the apoHRP and FePor gels via formation of the apoHRP/FePor complex.

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