Table 3: The effects of multiple variables on NUE of wheat and maize.

From: Soil mulching significantly enhances yields and water and nitrogen use efficiencies of maize and wheat: a meta-analysis

CropItemEstimateSDDFt valuep valueSign
Wheatα (Intercept)59.4110.51470.005.650.000**
β1 (Plastic)5.531.7249.003.220.002**
β1 (Straw)5.471.0949.005.010.000***
β2 (SOM)7.992.44470.003.270.001**
β3 (Temperature)−8E-010.53470.00−1.600.110NS
β4 (Water)5E-020.01470.004.550.000***
β5 (N)−3E-010.03470.00−9.400.000***
β6 (W*N)−1E-040.00470.00−1.340.182NS
Maizeα (Intercept)−1.1825.97654.00−0.050.964NS
β1 (Plastic)18.353.3043.005.550.000***
β1 (Straw)6.202.6743.002.320.025*
β2 (SOM)10.224.4336.002.310.027*
β3 (Temperature)1.590.97654.001.640.102NS
β4 (Water)0.010.01654.001.530.128NS
β5 (N)−1E-010.03654.00−3.590.000***
β6 (W*N)−5E-050.00654.00−1.010.312NS
  1. See formula (5) for explanation of the items.
  2. “***” means p < 0.001, “**” means 0.001 < p < 0.01, “*” means 0.01 < p < 0.05 and “NS” means p > 0.05.