Table 2: The effects of multiple variables on WUE of wheat and maize.

From: Soil mulching significantly enhances yields and water and nitrogen use efficiencies of maize and wheat: a meta-analysis

CropItemEstimateSDDFt valuep valueSign
Wheatα (Intercept)1.010.24513.004.230.000***
β1 (Plastic)0.150.0549.003.160.003**
β1 (Straw)0.150.0349.004.660.000***
β2 (SOM)−0.010.06513.00−0.250.806NS
β3 (Temperature)−5E-030.01513.00−0.370.715NS
β4 (Water)−1E-030.00513.00−4.630.000***
β5 (N)2E-030.00513.003.620.000***
β6 (W*N)4E-060.00513.002.060.040*
Maizeα (Intercept)−0.850.82725.00−1.030.302NS
β1 (Plastic)0.610.0644.009.860.000***
β1 (Straw)0.190.0544.004.070.000***
β2 (SOM)0.310.1637.001.970.056NS
β3 (Temperature)0.060.03725.001.940.053NS
β4 (Water)−8E-050.00725.00−0.400.693NS
β5 (N)4E-030.00725.006.360.000***
β6 (W*N)−4E-060.00725.00−3.960.000***
  1. See formula (5) for explanation of the items.
  2. “***” means p < 0.001, “**” means 0.001 < p < 0.01, “*” means 0.01 < p < 0.05 and “NS” means p > 0.05.