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Figure 3

From: Combination of acamprosate and baclofen as a promising therapeutic approach for Parkinson’s disease

Figure 3

Chronic ABC treatment alleviates akinetic behaviour in 6-OHDA-lesioned rats.

Stereotaxically-lesioned 6-OHDA rats compared to Sham-injected animals. Animals were chronically treated p.o. twice a day with ABC, 1 day before the lesion (D-1) until D15 where akinesia tests were done (a). Positive effect of ABC in the initiation time test (b), stepping test (c) and cylinder test (d). L-dopa was used as a reference drug. 6-OHDA or ABC did not have any effect in these behavioural tests when the control ipsilateral paw was assessed in the same rats in the initiation time and stepping tests. Values are mean ± s.e.m. Data are derived from a combined analysis performed on 2 independent experiments. For initiation time and stepping tests, n = 20 except for ABC 1 where n = 10. For the cylinder test, n = 10 except for 6-OHDA animals where n = 8 because the minimal number of contacts for 2 animals was not reached (n < 7 contacts). **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001 versus 6-OHDA; ANOVA with Dunnett’s test. ABC 1: ACP 0.04 mg/kg + BCL 0.6 mg/kg. ABC 2: ACP 0.1 mg/kg + BCL 1.5 mg/kg. ABC 3: ACP 0.25 mg/kg + BCL 3.75 mg/kg. L-dopa: L-dopa 8 mg/kg + benserazide 12.5 mg/kg.

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