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Figure 2

From: A self-stabilized coherent phonon source driven by optical forces

Figure 2

Dynamics of the coupled system for Pin = 1 mW and no over the threshold.

(A,B) The black (red) curve shows the experimental (simulated) temporal profile of the transmitted signal obtained at λl = 1530.2 nm (panel A) and at λl = 1529.1 nm (panel B). In the latter case the OM photonic crystal is oscillating coherently in its 3rd in-plane flexural mode. The SP is frequency-entrained with the mechanical oscillation (M = 2) (C,D) Simulated temporal profiles of FCD (black), TO (red) and OM (blue, only in panel D) contributions to the spectral shift of λrobtained at λl = 1530.2 nm (panel C) and at λl = 1529.1 nm (panel D). The overall spectral shift of λr with respect to λl is represented in green. The dashed horizontal line indicates the resonant condition, i.e., λl =  λr.

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