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Figure 6

From: Trends and variability of the atmosphere–ocean turbulent heat flux in the extratropical Southern Hemisphere

Figure 6

Joint pdfs of (U10, qs − qa) and (U10, Ts − Ta) in selected points along the profile at 48°E (line B in Fig. 1): 50°S (a,c) and 38°S (b,d).

Magenta lines show the pdfs in the 1985–1994 decade, with contours drawn from 0.1 to 0.9, every 0.1 (normalized values). The colors show the relative change (in %) of the pdfs during the analysis period. Thin gray lines show contours of constant latent heat flux (a,b; drawn every 30 W/m2) and sensible heat flux (c,d; drawn every 10 W/m2). See Supplementary Figs 12, 13 for more points along profile B and Supplementary Figs 14, 15 for profile F.

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