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Figure 5

From: Trends and variability of the atmosphere–ocean turbulent heat flux in the extratropical Southern Hemisphere

Figure 5

Changes of the analyzed variables

((a): temperature difference Ts − Ta; (b): humidity difference qs −qa; (c): wind speed U10; (d): total heat flux Ftot; (e–h): sensible Fsh, latent Flh, longwave Flw and shortwave Fsh heat flux, respectively) along a meridional profile at 100°W (line D in Fig. 1): median values (thick continuous lines), 0.25 and 0.75 quartiles (thin dashed lines) in the first (1985–1994; blue) and last (2004–2013; red) decade of the analyzed period. Black triangles mark the average positions of the SAF and SAFN. Note that , and in the second time period are limited to 2003–2009. See Supplementary Figures 7–11 for profiles A–C, E and F.

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