Table 1: Crystallographic data and refinement statistics.

From: Structural basis of Ornithine Decarboxylase inactivation and accelerated degradation by polyamine sensor Antizyme1

Data collection statistics
 Space groupP212121
 Unit cell dimensions a, b, c (Å)53.2, 74.1, 157.1
 Wavelength (Å)1.0000
 Resolution limit (Å)42.7 −3.20 (3.36 −3.20)
 Completeness (%)a94.7 (94.4)
 Rmerge (%)8.4 (66.7)
<I/σ(I)>15.7 (3.4)
 Redundancy10.0 (10.3)
Refinement statistics
 Resolution range (Å)42.7 −3.2
 Used reflections (N)10122
Rwork/Rfree (%)b22.9/28.9
 No. of atoms3751
 r.m.s.d. Bond length (Å)/Bond angle (°)0.006/1.254
 Ramachandran plot (%)c80.6/17.5/1.9/0.0
  1. aValues in the highest resolution shell are shown in parentheses.
  2. bRwork = Σ||Fobs| − |Fcalc||/Σ|Fobs|. Rfree is calculated identically with 5% of randomly chosen reflections omitted from the refinement.
  3. cFractions of residues in most favoured/allowed/generously allowed/disallowed regions of the Ramachandran plot were calculated using PROCHECK.