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Figure 2

From: Navigating through digital folders uses the same brain structures as real world navigation

Figure 2

A 3D model illustrating bilateral posterior regions activated for folder navigation (blue) and left inferior frontal activation for search (red).

Results uncorrected, p = 0.001, a minimum cluster size k = 10 and an FDR correction at cluster level of p < 0.05. The bold dotted line marks the external outline of the brain, while the two thin dotted lines mark the center-line, dividing between the left and right hemispheres. The figure was produced by creating a 3-D model of the standard MNI152 brain using the 3D Slicer open access software ( The 3-D activations were then constructed and placed in the model using the information provided by each of the 2-D slices on the X Y and Z planes as produced by SPM. Permission to publish under Open Access is granted by the authors who are copyright owners.

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