Figure 1 : Phenotypes of pups born to Mamld1 knockout (KO) mothers.

From: Parturition failure in mice lacking Mamld1

Figure 1

(a) Pups born to KO mothers at 20.5 dpc. Pups showed a high neonatal mortality, although they had no congenital anomalies. The photographs were taken by M.M. and M.F. at the National Research Institute for Child Health and Development. (b) Average number of births (white bars) and that of live pups at postnatal day 1 (gray bars). Pups born to KO mothers showed a significantly higher newborn mortality rate than those born to wildtype (WT) mothers (asterisks). Paternal genotype had no effect on the number of pups. Frequent newborn deaths were eliminated by caesarean operation. The results are expressed as the mean ± SEM.