Figure 4 : Crystal structures of DimC33_ThT and DimC33_low.

From: A covalent homodimer probing early oligomers along amyloid aggregation

Figure 4

(A) Cartoon representation of DimC33 assembly in the crystal structure of DimC33_ThT. The three DimC33 units are colored in cyan, green and magenta. Two ThT binding sites are visible: on the left side the 1 ThT site, on the right the 4 ThT site (the ThT molecules are colored in red). (B,C) A zoomed representation into the 1 ThT site (B) and into the 4 ThT site (C), showing ThT molecules sandwiched between the ABDE sheets of two adjacent DimC33 moieties, 2Fo-Fc omit electron density map at 1.5σ is clipped around ThT molecules. (D,E) Ribbon representation of the ABDE interface as observed (D) in the DimC33_low structure (pdb code: 4R9H); and (E) in the hexameric structure of H13F β2m (pdb code: 3CIQ).