Figure 2 : Thermal stability and Far-UV spectra analysis by circular dichroism.

From: A covalent homodimer probing early oligomers along amyloid aggregation

Figure 2

(A) Temperature ramps for DimC33 in red and wt β2m in black monitored at 202 nm, temperature slope 50 °C/h. Signals were reported as fractional variation of the total change. The melting temperature (Tm) values for DimC33 and wt β2m are shown in the graph. (B) Far-UV spectra for DimC33 and wt β2m in a buffer containing 100 mM sodium chloride, 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer pH 7.4, recorded under three different conditions: No TFE (black curves); in presence of 10% (v/v) TFE (red curves); and in 20% (v/v) TFE (blue curves).