Figure 1 : Crystal structure of DimC33 and DD strand interface.

From: A covalent homodimer probing early oligomers along amyloid aggregation

Figure 1

(A) Ribbon model of one of the two chains in DimC33 (blue) superposed on the structure of wt β2m (green). β-strands are labeled according to the standard β2m nomenclature, Ser33/Cys33 are shown in sticks. (B) A zoomed view into the DD interface of four superposed crystal structures of DimC33_ThT (green, pdb code: 4RA3), hexameric structure of H13F β2m (magenta, pdb code: 3CIQ), DimC50 (cyan, pdb code: 3TM6) and DimC20 (yellow, pdb code: 3TLR), showing the main residues involved in the DD interface as sticks model. (C) Superposition of three β2m non-covalently assembled dimers built through the DD strand interface with DimC33: DimC33_ThT in green, hexameric structure of H13F β2m in magenta, DimC50 structure in cyan, and DimC20 structure in yellow. (D) Stereo view of the DD strand interface built by the facing β2m molecules as observed in the structure of DimC33_high. The main residues involved in the interface are shown as sticks.