Table 1: Table showing a list of 6 genes/CpG clusters which show Pb dependent change in DNA methylation status in CNBS exposed in-utero to high BLL (high BLL MNBS).

From: Multigenerational epigenetic inheritance in humans: DNA methylation changes associated with maternal exposure to lead can be transmitted to the grandchildren

GeneCpG islandPromoterEffect sizeStandard
P-valueFDRCpG sites/cluster
NDRG4chr16:58535040-58535596No (TSS)
NINJ2non CpGYes−
DOK3non-CpGNo (TSS)−
  1. CpG sites, chromosome (chr) and location of CpG island. Promoter, CpG sites located at the promoter (Yes) or transcription start site (TSS). Effect size, the average change in DNA methylation at the CpG island (e.g., 0.05 is a 5% increase in average DNA methylation). CpG sites/cluster, the number of CpG sites with significant changes in the cluster.