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Figure 3

From: Inhibitory luminopsins: genetically-encoded bioluminescent opsins for versatile, scalable and hardware-independent optogenetic inhibition

Figure 3

iLMO2 is able to suppress synchronous bursting activity in vitro.

(a) A representative multielectrode array recording of a culture transduced with iLMO2 fusion protein shows complete inhibition of spontaneous bursting activity after addition of CTZ (dashed line). Spontaneous bursting activity eventually returns to baseline levels over a period of several hours. In both (a) and (b) the middle trace shows array-wide firing rate, top trace shows corresponding raster (each color corresponds to a different electrode) and bottom trace depicts synchrony across two random electrodes. (b) Representative multielectrode array recording of a sister control culture (un-transduced) showing no effect of CTZ on spontaneous bursting activity. (c) Average change in multi-unit firing rate (9 channels per culture) of 10 min intervals before, immediately after and 6 hours after addition of CTZ in iLMO2 expressing (dotted red lines, n = 6) and sister control cultures (dotted black lines, n = 3). Solid bold lines represent averages for each group of cultures. Error bars indicate standard error of the mean.

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