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Figure 1

From: Three-dimensional non-destructive soft-tissue visualization with X-ray staining micro-tomography

Figure 1

Comparison between non-stained and iodine-stained X-ray micro-CT images of a mouse kidney using the graded ethanol concentration fixation (GECF) protocol.

The staining procedure increases the absorption contrast, as confirmed by comparing the tomographic slices of (A), a non-stained kidney and (B), an GEFC iodine-stained kidney. Kidney structures are well delineated in (B) and a) the inner medulla, b) the inner stripe and c) the outer stripe of the outer medulla, d) the renal cortex and some veins and arteries (arrows) are clearly identified. Profiles along the blue path in (A,B) are shown in (C,E), respectively. Distribution of voxel intensity values are shown in (D) for the non-stained kidney and in (F) for the GEFC-stained kidney. Scale bars: 500 μm. The images show one out of 1000 slices obtained from these scans.

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