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Figure 1

From: Different expression domains for two closely related amphibian TAARs generate a bimodal distribution similar to neuronal responses to amine odors

Figure 1

A single subfamily of olfactory taar genes in Xenopus tropicalis.

Phylogenetic tree of taar gene repertoires of mouse, zebrafish and frog (Xenopus tropicalis), using aminergic neurotransmitter receptors as outgroup (grey). Tree branches for the different species are color-coded, red for zebrafish, blue for mouse and green for frog. The tree was constructed using a modified Maximum Likelihood method (PhyML-aLRT). Some nodes are shown collapsed (triangle), the number of genes in these nodes is given inside the respective triangle. Branch support of selected nodes is shown as p values (1 equals p > 0.995). Sequences were taken from10 (Danio rerio, zebrafish; Mus musculus, house mouse; Xenopus tropicalis, Western clawed-frog; aminergic receptors as outgroup) or newly identified in databank searches (2 additional Xenopus tropicalis genes, asterisks).

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