Table 1 Epitopes and characteristics of anti-human α subunit-blocking mAbs against RGD-integrin subfamily sequences.

From: Epitopes in α8β1 and other RGD-binding integrins delineate classes of integrin-blocking antibodies and major binding loops in α subunits

Antibody Host Binding site Key residuesa (human) Glycan recognition Reference
 LJ-CP8 Mouse W3:41 156VEND159 No 7
 LJ-P9 Mouse W2:41 79VGSQTL84 No 7
 10E5b Mouse W2:41 77RNVGSQ82 No 11
W3:34 R208, L213, H215
 17E6c Mouse W3:41 Q145 No 14
W3:34 K203
 L230 Mouse β-propeller ND ND Unpublished
 JBS5 Mouse W2:41 S85 No 16
 mAb16d Mouse W2:23 E126, L128 No 16
W3:41 S156, W15744 44
W3:34 I210 45 45
 P1D6e Mouse W3:34 Y208, I210, L212 No 16
 SNAKA52 Mouse W2:41 S85 No 16
 YZ3 (and 3 related clones) Chicken W2:41 R82, K87 Yes (support binding) This study
 YZ5 Chicken W2:41 84NGT86, K87, S94 Yes (essential for binding) This study
W3:34 K205/D206
 YZ26 Chicken W2:41 K87 Yes (support binding) This study
  1. aUnderline represents conserved residues with hosts.
  2. bDetermined according to atomic co-ordinations and not confirmed by mutagenesis experiments.
  3. cDetermined according to atomic co-ordinations and confirmed by mutagenesis experiments.
  4. dmAb16 is suggested to have an additional binding site on the β subunit46.
  5. eP1D6 blocks the synergy site but does not block binding of RGD-peptides to the binding pocket.