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Figure 1

From: Epitopes in α8β1 and other RGD-binding integrins delineate classes of integrin-blocking antibodies and major binding loops in α subunits

Figure 1

Characterisation of nine anti-human α8 mAbs.

(A) Alignment of CDR3 amino acid heavy chain sequences. Clone names are shown on the left. (B) Phylogenic tree of the heavy chain CDR3 sequences by ClustalW. (C) Blocking activities of anti-α8 mAbs assessed by cell an adhesion assay using α8-transfected K562 cells and recombinant nephronectin with 0.005–50 μg/ml of each mAb. The red bar represents YZ3 and its three related clones. The three dashed lines represent non-blocking mAbs. Each dot represents the mean value of triplicate wells and lines above each dot represent the standard deviation.

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