Table 3: Univariate and multivariate analysis of OS in HCC patients.

From: Overexpression Of Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-1beta Predicting Poor Prognosis Is Associated With Biliary Phenotype In Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma

P valueHR (95% CI)P value
 Tumor HNF-1B expression
  Low vs High134 vs 490.001*1.637(1.093,2.450)0.017*
 Tumor K19 expression
  Low vs High89 vs 940.013* NS
 Tumor K7 expression
  Low vs High84 vs 99<0.001*1.799(1.220,2.654)0.003*
 Tumor EpCAM expression
  Low vs High95 vs 880.321 NA
 Tumor OV6 expression
  Low vs High88 vs 950.509 NA
 Non-tumor HNF-1B expression
  Low vs High134 vs 490.026* NS
Clinical characteristics
  <50 vs ≥5096 vs 870.129 NA
  Male vs Female162 vs 210.924 NA
 Tumor size
  <5 cm vs ≥5 cm89 vs 940.012*1.461(1.012,2.108)0.043*
 Tumor number
  Single vs Multiple159 vs 240.0711.708(1.004,2.904)0.048*
  No vs Yes125 vs 580.308 NA
 TNM stage
  I/II vs III166 vs 170.015* NS
  Negative vs Positive11 vs 1720.606 NA
 Serum AFP
 <400 vs ≥400116 vs 670.428 NA
 Histological grade
  Well/moderate vs poorly133 vs 500.592 NA
 Lymphovascular invasion
  Negative vs Positive66 vs 1170.008*1.633(1.101,2.423)0.015*
  1. NA, not adopted; NS, not significant; HR, hazard ratio; Factors with p < 0.1 in univariate analysis were adopted for further multivariate analysis. *P<0.05 was considered statistically significant.