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Figure 3

From: Three-dimensional super-resolution protein localization correlated with vitrified cellular context

Figure 3

Verification of cryo-nanoscopy’s resolving capability.

(a,b) Conventional fluorescence image (a) and PALM image (b) of a 200 nm cryo-section of a TOM20-Dronpa-labeled HEK293 cell. Scale bar, 1 μm. (c) Distribution of the localization error in the middle layer of z-sections obtained from 3D data in (b). (d) Line profile of the position marked in (b) (red). The middle layer was used to generate the line profile. (e) Distribution of label density in (b), 1850/744 μm−2 (mean/median). (f) Distribution of Nyquist resolution calculated from the label density in (e), 46/74 nm (mean/median).

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