Table 2: Fecundity estimates for each site in 2011.

From: Fertile fathoms: Deep reproductive refugia for threatened shallow corals

2011SiteMean (±SE)
Black Point (shallow)Flat Cay (mid-depth)Grammanik Bank (mesophotic)Overall P
Depth (m)5–1015–2235–40 
Gonads*polyp−110.78 (±0.83)a10.58 (±0.48)a14.39 (±0.97)b<0.01*
Ova*gonad−17.48 (±0.59)a9.19 (±0.72)ab9.91 (±0.60)b0.046*
Ova*polyp−187.05 (±10.10)a99.72 (±10.15)a144.43 (±15.91)b0.021*
  1. Data was pooled from weeks 1 through 4 of sampling (prior to expected spawning). Means and standard deviations are shown, however non-parametric significant differences between sites are noted by lowercase letters (Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA/Bonferroni method, alpha = 0.05).