Table 1: Results of multiple comparisons among sites (depths) from linear mixed effects models of O. faveolataoocyte/ova diameters within weeks.

From: Fertile fathoms: Deep reproductive refugia for threatened shallow corals

 Post-hoc comparisonObservationsAdjusted P
Week 1shallow—mid-depth1080.977
 mid-depth—mesophotic 0.209
 shallow—mesophotic 0.363
Week 2shallow—mid-depth1200.1166
 mid-depth > mesophotic <0.0001*
 shallow > mesophotic 0.0047*
Week 3shallow—mid-depth1050.9804
 mid-depth—mesophotic 0.0621
 shallow > mesophotic 0.0208*
Week 4shallow—mid-depth1470.739
 mid-depth—mesophotic 0.904
 shallow—mesophotic 0.946
Week 5shallow—mid-depth1020.999
 mid-depth—mesophotic 0.947
 shallow—mesophotic 0.957
  1. Note that spawning was evident between weeks 4 and 5. See also Fig. 4. Oocyte observations were nested within colonies to avoid pseudoreplication. Asterisks denote significant comparisons and a rejection of the null hypothesis of equal oocyte diameter between depths with an alpha of 0.05. p-values are step-wise adjusted.