Figure 5 : O. faveolata fecundity estimates and comparisons between 2011 study sites.

From: Fertile fathoms: Deep reproductive refugia for threatened shallow corals

Figure 5

The number of (A) ripe gonads and the number of (B) oocytes/ova per gonad were estimated for three polyps per sample. Ova production per polyp (C) is the product of the number of ripe gonads multiplied by the number of oocytes/ova per gonad. Data was pooled from sampling weeks 1 through 4. Comparisons were made with Kruskal-Wallis ANOVAs and the Bonferroni post-hoc method to arrive at adjusted p-values. Significant results are noted using lower-case letters in each boxplot (p < 0.05). See Fig. 4 for explanation of boxplot.