Figure 3 : O. faveolata gametogenic stages of spermaries (left column) and oocytes (right column) observed in histological sections collected weekly (July 28th to August 26th 2011, 5 sampling times) from three sites: a shallow near-shore site (red); an offshore island mid-depth site (green); and a mesophotic submerged bank site (blue).

From: Fertile fathoms: Deep reproductive refugia for threatened shallow corals

Figure 3

Gametocytes were staged as I–V for spermaries and I–IV for oocytes33, however only stages II and later are shown. Plots represent the percentage of colonies that contained each stage. n = 5 or more for each date at each site. Note that colonies can simultaneously contain gametocytes of different stages. The lunar cycle is shown below the x-axis, as well as a black bar that represents expected spawning dates 6–9 days after full moon in August 2011.