Figure 6 : Tissue-specific responses of BmE75 isoforms to 20E on L5D2.

From: Bombyx E75 isoforms display stage- and tissue-specific responses to 20-hydroxyecdysone

Figure 6

(A-A”) Responses of mRNA levels of BmE75A (A), BmE75B (A’) and BmE75C (A”) to 2 μM 20E or/and 10 μg/ml cycloheximide (CHX) in the prothoracic glands on day 2 of the fifth instar (L5D2). The mRNA levels were measured 2 hours after treatment in vitro. (B-B’) Response of protein levels of BmE75A, BmE75B and BmE75C to 20E or/and CHX in the L5D2 prothoracic glands 2 hours after treatment. (B’) Quantification of BmE75A, BmE75B and BmE75C protein levels in (B). (C-D’) The same as (A-B’) except the fat body was used.