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Figure 1

From: The making of a branching annelid: an analysis of complete mitochondrial genome and ribosomal data of Ramisyllis multicaudata

Figure 1

Different modes of gemmiparity in Syllidae and budding in Syllis ramosa.

A. Sequential gemmiparity in Myrianida sp. (modified after Okada, 193312); B. Colateral budding in Trypanosyllis gemmipara Johnson, 1901 (modified after Johnson, 19028); C. Collateral budding in Trypanosyllis crosslandi Potts, 1911 (modified after Potts, 19119); D. Successive budding in Trypanobia asterobia (modified after Okada, 193312); E. Development of a lateral branch in S. ramosa (drawing by MT Aguado from the holotype); F. Branches and stolon in S. ramosa (modified after McIntosh, 188520). All figures used for modifications are part of the public domain.

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