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Figure 1

From: Conformational thermostabilisation of corticotropin releasing factor receptor 1

Figure 1

Stabilising mutations present in the CRF1R StaR.

Panel (A) shows a ribbon diagram of the CRF1R StaR structure50 in complex with CP-376395 (sticks) (PDB ID: 4K5Y) coloured from TM1 in blue to TM7 in red. Positions of the stabilising mutations are highlighted in spheres and labelled with Wootten numbering in superscript. The StaR also contained the mutation S222L located in ICL2, not shown in the structure. Panel (B) compares the thermal stability of the CRF1R StaR (closed diamonds) to the wild-type receptor (open diamonds). Error bars are derived from standard deviations and calculated from duplicate temperature points within a single experiment. FSEC profiles of eGFP-tagged constructs analysed in DDM are shown in panel (C). Retention times of the void volume occurs at 5 min, monomeric full-length CRF1R at 8 min and free eGFP at ~10 min.

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