Figure 5 : Maackia amurensis leukoagglutinin (MAL) steadily increased Tulane virus (TV) replication in LLC-MK2 cells during the first 28 hours post-infection.

From: Tulane virus recognizes sialic acids as cellular receptors

Figure 5

(A) Delta Ct dynamics of TV RNAs from infected cells with MAL (blue line) or without MAL (red line) treatment (100 μg/ml/well), as measured by quantitative RT- PCR (qRT-PCR). Delta Ct values are shown on the Y-axis, while the time points are indicated on the X-axis. (B) Fold ratios of TV RNAs from infected cells with MAL treatment compared to infected cells without MAL treatment. The Applied Biosystems® Eukaryotic 18S rRNA (4319413E) was used as an endogenous control to calculate the fold change by 2^DDCt. Each experiment was repeated four times.