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Figure 2

From: Dynamic phase coexistence in glass–forming liquids

Figure 2

Cage–jump time and length scales.

Temperature dependence of the average time particles persist in a cage before making the first jump, 〈tp〉 and of the average cage residence time, 〈tw〉. 〈tw〉 is well described by an Arrhenius 〈tw〉   exp(A/T) (full line). 〈tp〉 grows á super–Arrhenius law. The dashed line is a fit to 〈tp exp(A/TB), with B = 2.4, but other functional forms, including the Vogel–Fulcher one, also describe the data. The inset illustrates the temperature dependence of the average jump length. The line is a guide to the eye. All data refer to species a of the KALJ mixture. Analogous results for species b are shown in Fig. S2.

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