Table 1: Statistical resultsaof two-way ANOVAs of the initial soil mixture propertiesb.

From: Plant growth improvement mediated by nitrate capture in co-composted biochar

 WHC (48h)Nmin_initial (KCl)Nmin_leached%Nleached.c
Compost336.8<0.0013327.2<0.001773.3<0.00132.7 (19.8)<0.001
Biochar626.0<0.001919.8<0.001523.3<0.001128.7 (93.4)<0.001
Comp x BC10.7<0.001696.5<0.00138.3<0.00110.5 (6.5)<0.003
  1. aResults correspond to Figure 1 and Supplementary Figure S3.
  2. bAbbreviations: WHC, water holding capacity after 48 hours (Supplementary Fig. S3); Nmin_initial (KCl), initially extractable amount of mineral N (Fig. 1A); Nmin_leached, amount of mineral N drained with the WHC determination (Fig. 1B); %Nleached, amount of mineral N leached (WHC) in percent of the initial, KCl-detectable amount of Nmin (Fig. 1B, large blue dots).
  3. cF values in brackets refer to the diamonds in Fig. 1B (nitrate loading of BCcomp not considered).