Figure 4 : Nitrate release from untreated (BCpure) or co-composted (BCcomp) biochar particles of three size classes (s1 = 2–5 mm; s2 = 5–6.2 mm; s3 = 6.2–8 mm), picked from three replicate biochar-compost samples (dots or bars: means ± standard deviation, n = 3).

From: Plant growth improvement mediated by nitrate capture in co-composted biochar

Figure 4

Methods: EUF extraction, (A) elution curves and (B) sums of fractions 1 (hatched) and 2 (plain); (C) sums of repeated washing with distilled water (H2O) and 2 M KCl (see methods). Error bars in (C) show the stdev. of the first release (1 h H2O washing, light green) and of the total sum.