Figure 3 : Nutrient release curves over time (means ± standard deviation, n = 3) of composted (BCcomp) versus untreated biochar particles (BCpure; all particles 3 mm < particles < 5 mm) by electro-ultra filtration (EUF).

From: Plant growth improvement mediated by nitrate capture in co-composted biochar

Figure 3

The cumulative fraction 1 (first 30 min) equals plant-available nutrients; fraction 2 (shaded background, second 30 min.) equals potentially plant-deliverable nutrients (see methods). (A) ammonium; (B) nitrate; (C) organic N; (D) organic carbon; (E) potassium; (F) phosphorus. Small inserts show total extracted amounts, with the hatched bar part representing fraction 1, the non-hatched bar part fraction 2, with error bars (stdev.) given for the total cumulated sum (f1 + f2; n = 3). Numbers indicate the x-fold enhancement in the respective nutrient pool by co-composting.