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Figure 3

From: Attolitre-sized lipid bilayer chamber array for rapid detection of single transporters

Figure 3

Fluorescent detection of passive transport through the α-haemolysin nanopore.

(a) Schematic of passive transport by α-haemolysin. The encapsulated Alexa 488 passively diffuses to the outer solution via the α-haemolysin nanopore. (b) Time course of passive transport by 0.1 μg/mL α-haemolysin with three types of ALBiCs as indicated. Each solid line represents the average over eight or more representative chambers. Error shades in each trace represent the standard deviation. (c) Fluorescent image of passive transport activity with three types of ALBiCs as indicated. The images were recorded just after injection of α-haemolysin (t = 0, top) and 1,000 s later (middle). The bottoms (diff.) show the difference between each image at 0 s and 1,000 s as a color gradient.

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