Table 1 Comparison of larval responses triggered by (i) live CCA and CCA extracts, (ii) the bacterium Pseudoalteromonas and its metabolite TBP and (iii) the neurotransmitter GLW-amide

From: Chemical mediation of coral larval settlement by crustose coralline algae

  CCA Bacteria Neurotransmitter
Larval behavior Live Organic extract (Glyco-glycerolipid)# Aqueous extract (Polysaccharide)# Pseudoaltero monas * TBP* GLW-amide#
Settlement and metamorphosis with attachment >70% >70% >70% <50% <50% <40%
Metamorphosis without attachment 0 0 0 >50% >50% >60%
Adverse effect on pre-competent larvae No No No Yes Yes Yes
Regulation of neurotransmitter genes (Table S5) No No No Yes Yes Partially
Detected in natural samples n/a Yes Yes No No n/a
  1. *Acropora millepora, A. tenuis, A. globiceps, A. surculosa, Leptastrea purpurea, A. humilis, A. intermedia, A. digitifera, Montipora hispida, Favia pallida and Pseudosiderastrea tayamai in GBR, WA, Singapore, Guam and Okinawa; and # A. millepora and A. tenuis in GBR, WA and Singapore.