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Figure 6

From: Computing Arm Movements with a Monkey Brainet

Figure 6

Decoding accuracy in individual monkeys.

A UKF decoder trained post hoc predicted monkey’s own movements in every session. (A-C) Upper panels show the performance of the decoder for the x-component of the trajectories and lower panels for y-component of the trajectories. Each data point represents the average performance for the week. Correlation coefficient r was utilized to measure the accuracy of predictions. The performance of the decoder was compared across weeks to monitor the changes in the contribution of the neuronal population during the course of training in the shared control task (A,B): manual control in (A) and passive observation epoch preceding brain control in (B) and the partitioned control task (C). (D) shows the decoder performance for the x-, y- and z- components of the trajectories (top, middle and bottom panels, respectively) in the triad task. Overall, the performance of the decoder remained stable and no consistent trends were observed.

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