Figure 4 : Cca-specific Th2 response inhibits Tregs in Cca tissue.

From: Tumor-specific Th2 responses inhibit growth of CT26 colon-cancer cells in mice via converting intratumor regulatory T cells to Th9 cells

Figure 4

Cca-bearing mice were treated as denoted above each dot plot panel of AE. Cca tissue was excised from the mice and processed for single cells and analyzed by flow cytometry. AE, the dot plots indicate the frequency of CD4+ or/and Foxp3+ cells. F, the bars indicate the summarized frequency of Tregs in gate 1 (G1) of A–E. G–H, the bars indicate the summarized CD4+ Foxp3- cell frequency (G) and IL-9+ cell frequency (H) in gate 2 (G2) of AE. Ab: Mice were received a neutralizing anti-IL-4 antibody. The data of bars are presented as mean ± SD. *, p < 0.01, compared with group A. Each group consisted of 10 mice. The data are representatives of 10 independent experiments.