Figure 2 : Laser induced phototoxicity is mediated by heat and ROS.

From: Molecular pathway of near-infrared laser phototoxicity involves ATF-4 orchestrated ER stress

Figure 2

Surface temperature of cells treated with laser as assessed by IR camera (n = 3) (a) is shown. (b) ROS generation was assessed with DCFDA by FACS analyses following laser treatments in clear and black well plates (n = 3). In vitro activity of GR (c) and Catalase (d) were assessed in HaCaT and NOKSI cells treated with phototoxic laser doses (n = 3). (e) HaCaT and NOKSI cells were pre incubated with NAC (1mM), Catalase (1000 units/ml) or Helium (bubbled for 5 minute) and treated with phototoxic laser dose followed by cell viability assays (n = 3). Significance was determined using two-way ANOVA and Bonferroni’s multiple comparison tests. Phototoxic laser doses are highlighted in gray font. Statistical significance are indicated as P< 0.05 (*), <0.001 (**), <0.0001 (***) and <0.00001(****).