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Figure 2

From: Rightward-biased hemodynamic response of the parahippocampal system during virtual navigation

Figure 2

Results of the whole brain analysis for the Maze vs. No-maze contrast.

Regions that are more active for the Maze condition compared to the No-maze condition (A) are superimposed on a T1-weighted anatomical 3D image (B) using MRIcrogl software. (C) 2D images are shown aligned to the voxel of peak activation in right parahipocampal cortex for coronal (left), sagittal (middle) and horizontal (right) slices. The statistical threshold is set at p < .05 (FWE-corrected). PC = Precuneus, MTC = Medial Temporal Cortex and PHC = Parahippocampal Cortex.

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