Table 3 Therapeutic response of patients and PDTX models

From: Establishment and characterization of patient-derived tumor xenograft using gastroscopic biopsies in gastric cancer

Case Stage Differentiation Lauren HER2 expression Regimen Clinical response of patients Concordancea
093 IV Poor Diffuse Positive XELOX+Trastuzumab PR Yes
098 IV Well Intestinal Positive S-1+Trastuzumab SD Yes
115 IV Moderate Intestinal Positive XELOX+Trastuzumab PR Yes
144 IV Moderate Intestinal Positive XELOX SD No
156 IV Moderate Intestinal Negative DCF Increased SD Yes
  1. Note: PR, partial response; SD, stable disease;
  2. aconcordance: concordance of therapeutic response between patients and PDTX models.