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Figure 2

From: A genetic contribution from the Far East into Ashkenazi Jews via the ancient Silk Road

Figure 2

Phylogenetic tree of haplogroup M33c.

The nucleotide positions in the sequences are scored relative to the rCRS27. Transversions are annotated by adding suffixes “A” and “T”. The recurrent variants are underlined and prefix @ designates a back mutational event; “s” means synonymous and “ns” means nonsynonymous mutation; “nc” refers to mutations at the intergenic noncoding regions in segments 577–16023; and “r” and “t” denote mutations in rRNA genes and tRNA genes, respectively. Length polymorphisms (e.g., 309.1C, 309.2C and 315.1C) are disregarded from the analysis. The newly sequenced samples in this study are marked in rectangles, while mtDNAs from the published literature are displayed in ellipses. Note: a This individual is from A Genetic Genealogy Community (

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