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Figure 1

From: A genetic contribution from the Far East into Ashkenazi Jews via the ancient Silk Road

Figure 1

Median-joining network of haplogroup M33c.

The median-joining network is reconstructed on the basis of mtDNA hypervariable segment I (HVS-I) variation. The sampling locations are shown by different colors in the map. Transversions are highlighted by adding suffixes “A”, “C”, “G” and “T”. The prefix @ designates back mutation, whereas recurrent variants are underlined. * denotes that this individual's whole-mtDNA genome information is shown on the phylogenetic tree. The size of the circle is in proportion to the number of individuals. The geographic locations are abbreviated as follows: CHS (Hunan or Fujian), GD (Guangdong), GX (Guangxi), GZ (Guizhou), HN (Hunan), JL (Jilin), JS (Jiangsu), SC (Sichuan), SN (Shaanxi), Thai (Thailand), Viet (Vietnam) and YN (Yunnan). Note: M33c individuals in Europe. M33c individuals in Asia. M33a, M33b or M33d individuals. Sampling locations of all the other samples considered in this study. The map was created by the Kriging algorithm of the Surfer 8.0 package. More details regarding the populations are displayed in Supplementary Table S1.

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