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Figure 7

From: Characterization of Monobody Scaffold Interactions with Ligand via Force Spectroscopy and Steered Molecular Dynamics

Figure 7

YS1 scaffold residues at the MBP interface.

The interacting scaffold residues of (a) YS1 and (b) YS1(R33A) (both shown in yellow). The BC, DE and FG loops are represented orange, green and red, respectively (c) Schematic illustration of the YS1-MBP interaction and (d) YS1 in which R33, E47, Y75, Y77, Y78 Y79, Y80 and Y81 are shown in red and the other interfacial residues of YS1 are shown in yellow. The side view (e) of the YS1 (yellow) and MBP (cyan) interface shows R33 of YS1 stacking with R344 of MBP to establish the hydrogen bond network between R33, E47 and R344. The top view (f) displays the arginines stacking. Schematic illustration of YS1-MBP interfacial interaction made using the equilibrated molecular representation based on the crystal structure (PDB ID: 2OBG)9 and with the software VMD (DeLano Scientific, San Francisco, CA).

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